Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services
Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services
Adhar Instrument and Services
Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services Adhar Instrument and Services
Adhar Instrument and Services
Adhar Instrument and Services
Adhar Instrument and Services

Adhar Instruments & Services is a pioneer company in the field of instrumentation and monitoring through state-of the-art vibrating wire instruments and other types too. AIS provides excellent and quality services that will help the projects in realising efficient and economical design and construction of civil engineering structures. Our services include Geotechnical Investigations, Rock Mechanics, Slope Stabilization, Ground Improvement, Geophysical Investigation, Concrete Technology, Non-destructive Testing of Structures, Field Instrumentations and Project Management for the benefit of power, transport, building, and industry sectors.
We are motivated by the simple fact that our success is tied to your success. Our team comprises professionals who provide specialized skills and expertise to your assignment in a timely manner. We can help move a project along in a timely fashion.

Supporting sustainable infrastructure development.
To provide advanced, cost effective and timely geotechnical and civil engineering solutions with highest level of professionalism and excellent quality by adopting modern techniques and accepted standard procedures.
Core Values
  • High performance through team work
  • Practical and viable solution
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Trustworthy and integrity

Quality Policy  

We practice high level of professional in  Instrumentation & Consultancy; provide high

We practice high level of professional in  Instrumentation & Consultancy; provide high standard of service as per client’s specific needs by complying with applicable codes, standards, specifications or other professional requirements. We deliver the best engineering solutions on schedule and on budget to every client. We strive to achieve continual improvement in our entire field of activities and Quality Management System.

Geotechnical Investigation
In-situ tests and laboratory investigations for determining engineering design parameters.
Our geotechnical engineering capability includes field and laboratory testing and interpreting the results for determining soil stratification, physical and strength behaviour, bearing capacity, assessing risks posed by site conditions, designing earthworks and foundation structures, and monitoring site conditions. A thorough field investigation of any civil infrastructure is called for in order to avoid construction delays and cost over-run due to unforeseen conditions in the ground. Cost-effective site investigation, combined with experienced interpretation of the data collected, is an essential element of project risk assessment and management. We provide complete feasibility assessment, design and project management service in all aspects of ground engineering.

Field Tests Laboratory Tests
Drilling and Sampling Density, specific gravity
Bore Hole Logging Grain Size Analysis
Field Permeability Test Atterberg’s Limits
Standard Penetration Test Unconfined Compressive Strength
Static Cone Penetration Test Direct Shear Test
Dynamic Cone Penetration Test Triaxial Shear Test
Vane Shear Test Consolidation Test
Plate Load Test Permeability Test
Pressure meter Test Relative Density
Modulus of Sub grade Reaction (K-Value) CBR
California Bearing Ratio Test Proctor Compaction test
Liquefaction Studies Dispersion Test
  Chemical Tests of soil

Rock Mechanics
In-situ tests and laboratory investigations for determining engineering design parameters.
Our capability in rock mechanics includes field and laboratory testing and interpreting the results for determining properties and behavior of intact rock, rock joint and rock mass.

Field Tests Laboratory Tests
Drilling and Sampling Index Properties
Bore Hole Logging Uniaxial Compressive Strength
Field Permeability Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson’s Ratio
Modulus of Deformation / Elasticity by Plate Load test Triaxial Compression Test
In-situ Shear Test & Uniaxial Plate Jacking method Tensile Strength - Direct & Indirect (Brazilian Method)
In-situ Stress Measurement by Flat Jack Technique Flexural Strength
In-situ Stress Measurement by Hydraulic Fracturing Technique Point Load Strength Index
Pull Out Test of Rock Bolts / Anchors Hardness
Pressure Meter Test Slake Durability Test
  Swelling Index Test
  Direct Shear Test on rock joints
  Petrographic Examination

Slope Stablization
Investigate, design and execute effective for slope stability solutions
We provide total solution for slope stability – carryout investigations to assess the geology and determine the strength parameters, analyse to assess safety, design appropriate measures for stabilizing the slopes, and implement the solution. Our slope stability measures include the following:

  • Soil Nailing
  • Micropile Stabilization
  • Grouted & driven anchors
  • Rock Bolting /Anchoring
  • Geogrids

Ground Improvement
Improvement of weak ground by various special methods like micro-piling, geo-textiles, geo-grids, stone column, lime column, etc.
We carryout investigations to obtain technical area of weak ground and select appropriate method for improvement of the weak ground. We provide procedural guidance concerning the selection, design, performance, specification, installation, quality assurance/quality control, construction monitoring, and construction inspection associated with ground improvement techniques. We also take up implementation of these methods including the following:

  • Grouting
  • Lime column
  • Stone column
  • Micropiling
  • Geotextiles.
  • Geogrids

Geophysical Investigation
Measurement of geophysical properties for interpreting ground profiling.
The application of geophysics to challenging geologic, environmental, engineering, or other scientific problems provides an alternative, often unique, insight into the subsurface unlike more conventional assessment methods such as drilling. We offer site investigation strategies that cover a large area of the site in a short time and with low cost. We provide high quality services to address a wide spectrum of needs and situations including dams, tunnels, underground powerhouses, underground storage tanks, etc. Objectives of investigations can include environmental site assessments, determining depth to rock and mapping subsurface features in geotechnical investigations, fracture and aquifer mapping in hydro geologic investigations, providing detailed stratigraphic data in coal exploration, and locating buried objects in archaeological studies. Our services include the following:

  • Seismic Refraction Test
  • Cross Hole, Up Hole & Down Hole Tests
  • Electrical Resistivity Test
  • Sonic Topography
  • GPR Investigations
  • Detection of Buried Utilities
  • using ground penetrating radar

Concrete Technology
Construction material survey, mix design of concrete, setting up quality control system, physical and thermal properties
Our expertise includes the following:

  • Construction Materials Survey for Hydroelectric and Irrigation Projects
  • Inspection and safety evaluation of old dams, powerhouses and other hydraulic structures
  • Setting up of field quality control laboratories
  • Supervision and execution of quality control & construction materials
  • Temperature control studies on mass concrete for dams & other massive structures
  • Concrete Mix Design for design of structural grade concrete, mass concrete, high performance concrete, self compacting concrete, high strength concrete
  • Laboratory testing of concrete for compressive strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity & poisons ratio, concrete permeability etc.
  • Tests on hardened concrete: cement content, sulphate content, chloride content
  • Laboratory testing of construction material such as cement, pozzolana, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, mixing and curing water, bricks, stone, etc.

Laboratory Testring
Our laboratory testing capability includes the following:

Coarse Aggregate Fine Aggregate Water for Mixing & Curing Filter Material Brick
Specific Gravity Specific Gravity PH Value Water Absorption Dimensions
Water Absorption Water Absorption Volume of 0.02 normal NaOH to neutralize 100ml sample of water, using phenolphthalein Aggregate Abrasion Value Water Absorption
Gradation Gradation & Fineness Modulus Volume of 0.02 normal H2SO4 to neutralize 100 ml sample of water using mixed indicator Aggregate Impact Value Compressive strength
Aggregate Impact Value Material finer than 75 micron IS sieve Total solids Initial Void Ratio Efflorescence
Aggregate Abrasion Value Bulking Organic impurities Coefficient of Compressibility Warpage
Aggregate Crushing Value Soundness Inorganic impurities Coefficient of Uniformity  
Soundness Mortar Making Properties of aggregate Sulphates (SO3) Breakage Factor  
Petrographic Examination Organic Impurities Chlorides (Cl) Coefficient of Permeability  
Alkali Aggregate Reactivity (Chemical Method, Mortar Bar Method, Accelerated Method) Petrographic Examination Suspended matter Density  
Flakiness Index Mica Content   Shear Parameter  
Elongation Index Alkali Aggregate Reactivity (Chemical Method, Mortar Bar Method, Accelerated Method)      
Deleterious substances (coal & lignite, clay lumps, material finer than 75 micron IS sieve, soft fragments & shale)        

Non-Destructive Testing of Strutures
Building condition survey, structural analysis and audit, pile integrity testing, rehabilitation of vulnerable structures
Non-destructive testing (NDT) is used to examine the condition or the quality of a structural element without damaging it. We offer the following services using non-destructive techniques:

  • In-situ hardness: Using rebound type digital hardness tester for all types of ferrous / non-ferrous material at various locations.
  • Impact Test


  • Schmidt’s Rebound Hammer tests for assessing the concrete compressive strength.
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity tests for establishing quality of concrete.
  • Drilling out concrete cores for laboratory testing, preparation of specimens and testing in lab for determining compressive strength.
  • Carbonation tests for determining the depth of carbonation of concrete.
  • Half-cell potential tests for determining the likelihood of corrosion of reinforcement.
  • ests for determining the chloride & sulphate contents in concrete.
  • Rebar locator tests for determining reinforcement details of various RCC members and concrete cover.
  • Permeability of insitu concrete
  • Pull Out (LOK) Test
  • Pull Off Test
  • Break Off Test

Condition Survey

  • Mapping defects in buildings, bridges and dams
  • Pile Integrity Testing (PIT)
  • Pile integrity test is performed using a portable, battery powered unit, which requires no backup vehicle or vulnerable cables across site that disrupt normal construction activity. About two hundred piles per day can be tested with this unit, depending on access and pile head condition. This small strain impulse technique enables the integrity of piles to be established rapidly and economically to enhance confidence in the foundation.

Cross Hole Sonic Logging (CHSL)

  • The Cross Hole Sonic Logger is used to detect defects in concrete structures and in other solid structures such as rock or concrete-rock interfaces. Defects that may be detected using sonic logging include: honeycombing; segregation due to improper concrete placement methods; washout of cement due to groundwater flow; cracks in pile shafts due to shrinkage; inclusion of foreign material causing contamination of concrete; necking and arching of piles due to collapse of side walls during withdrawal of temporary liners.

Vibration Monitoring

  • Monitoring and analysis of vibrations
    • For optimizing hammer parameters for soil compaction
    • At power house sites due to turbo-generators
    • During driving of sheet piles
    • Due to traffic in rock mass
    • In abutments due to movement of overhead trolleys
  • For assessing safety of constructions due to vibrations imposed by blasting

Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures

  • Identifying and designing of structural repair and rehabilitation strategies for building facades, high-rise commercial office buildings, public buildings, high-rise residential buildings, industrial plants, masonry and concrete dams, bridges, fire-affected structures, heritage buildings, etc.
  • Implementation of structural repair and retrofitting measures using latest repair materials and equipment:

Project Management
Consultancy for preparing specifications, BOQ, tender documents and quality assurance for civil engineering structures.
We provide the following types of project management consultancy services:

  • Supervision / Inspection of Construction
  • Quality Control / Assurance services for all civil engineering Projects
  • Preparation of specifications and Procurement of Equipment
  • Civil Rehabilitation works
  • Estimation and Bid Evaluation
  • Preparation of tender documents, specifications and BOQ
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Training and knowledge dissemination in field and lab testing

Field Instrumentation
Instrumentation in Geotechnical field, Structurs and Civil Engineering.
Adhar Instruments & Services (AIS) focus on instrumentation and monitoring in civil projects. We offer a range of state-of the art instruments manufactured in India and from reputed overseas manufacturers, backed by local expertise and efficient pre & post sales support. We supply the instruments, install them & monitor the projects with the help of data received from instruments. The parameters monitored are strain, stress, pore pressure, level, temperature, displacement, extension, inclination etc., in dams, bridges, barrage tunnels, underground power houses, highways, high rise buildings, mines, marine ports and other civil structures. Digital read-out and data logging system are used to log the data of above parameters.
AIS has expertise in a vibrating wire strain gage technology mainly used in civil engineering applications. The vibrating wire sensors produced by AIS, are one of the finest being produced anywhere. Most sensors have stainless steel outside construction. The sensors are completely resistant to the effect of corrosion and the ingress of moisture and water. A thermistor is provided for monitoring of temperature and better correction of variation in sensor output with temperature.
The importance of Field Instrumentation during the design, the pre- and post-construction stages of any project cannot be overemphasized. AIS offer a variety of field instrumentation services for the performance monitoring of structures in any project.

Adhar Instrument and Services

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